Leicestershire Children and Families Services Gateway2Resources (G2R) - Supported Accommodation for Young People Aged 16+

Awarded date: 18/11/2020

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number Postcode
12091809 12091809 SME TN37 7NF
Achieving Higher Heights SME WV4 5UQ
Adullam Homes Housing Association Limited 0020853IP SME B70 9LS
Allied Intergrated Services Ltd 08209796 SME RG31 7DY
ANEW Young People Services Ltd 7871926 SME ST7 8JA
ANM Care Limited 12453535 SME LE5 4AD
Anytime Care 2020 05689154 SME RM1 1NX
Baca 6510559 SME LE11 5BX
Becks Homecare Service 11137390 SME Nn85pb
Care first Services Limited 5379930 SME B19 1RJ
CaringPlus Healthcare Services Ltd 12222771 SME SN7 7HP
Chartwell Care Services 8554461 SME LE5 5DU
Cornerstones Group Ltd 10732042 SME WV4 6JX
Creative Support Solutions Ltd 09082389 SME CM2 0DG
Favour Health Ltd 09214388 SME nn16 8qs
global access care ltd 11424874 SME NN17 5ZB
Goto Healthcare Limited 10923571 SME NN18 8QQ
Happy Group (UK) Limited 1236625 SME LE1 7LF
Harmony Supported Living Services LTD 11730076 SME E16 2DQ
Heartview Care Services 11714247 SME GU22 9NL
Indie 16 Ltd 11499210 SME N/A NG5 1JJ
Inheritance Medical Ltd 09798201 SME LE4 1AR
Jani Homes 7211432 08261506 SME NG7 6JE
Jordan Xavier Ltd 5056181 SME ha7 1js
Key2 futures 4878290 SME OX4 1EU
LCS Partnerships 06820538 SME EN3 7JX
LifeSprings Care Services Ltd SME NN3 6AQ
Lundi Education and Care Services 11943253 SME DE11 9DQ
New Dawn Health and Social Care Ltd 12416367 SME NN15 7ZB
Next Step Management Ltd 3309968 SME EN6 2JD
Next Steps supported Living SME Le5 2gf
Oasis Supported Accommodation Ltd 10611565 SME DE23 8QE
Panache SME N/A HP19 8ER
Pathway Support UK 12242832 SME HX4 8LZ
Platform Up Ltd 10772239 SME LE2 9HR
Redefine Living Ltd 12591237 SME ss17 8qt
Rock Housing and Support Services SME & VCS 09601365 N1 7GU
Safe Haven Accommodation 08376861 SME N/A NG7 5QJ
Sanctuary Ltd (10313808) 10313808 SME EC1V 2NX
Sunrise Homes Services Ltd. 10439896 SME NG7 7FN
The Ferntree Support Ltd 12273283 SME MK4 2LX
The Park Lodge Project 1086450 SME LE2 1TB
Three counties Housing care and support 6959356 SME LU4 0PY
Transforming Lives Co (TLC). 6978815 SME RM10 9QX
Vineyard Homes Ltd 10771883 SME N/A N1 7GU
Call4Care services limited 09800373 SME MK12 6AH
Care4life Healthcare Service 10952899 SME N/A NN17 5BZ
Clarity Curae Ltd 12895232 SME WC2H 9JQ
EJC Group Ltd 09446033. SME NN18 8PN
Interpid Care & Support 10912408 SME N/A le3 9fa
Living waters services ltd 10037800 SME CV3 2AF
QuayWest Group 09910262 SME B70 7DD
safe stop youth limited 11713977 SME B16 8LB
SafeCare 12598568 SME lu7 3eg
Warwickshire Living Ltd 11301140 SME GL55 6HB
Gain Healthcare Ltd 08491375 SME OX26 1AP