005573 - Framework for Learning Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Conditions

Awarded date: 11/01/2017

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number Postcode
Ashdown Care Homes Ltd 0779830 SME NE20 9QS
AZURE 1666027 NE23 8JT
Be Caring Ltd 5367714 SME NE2 1QU
Community Integrated Care 2225727 WA7 6AA
Coquet Trust 6251078 N/A NE3 1HP
Creative Support 27440R N/A SK1 3TS
Dimensions 31192R RG7 4SA
Education and Services for People with Autism Ltd 2909953 SR5 3RL
Home Group 0022981IP NE12 8ET
ID Support 4462419 SME NE13 6DS
KeyRing Living Support Network 3176431 SME SE16 2XB
Lifeways Community Care 4126127 SE1 0AS
Lincoln Healthcare Group Ltd 4821522 SME NE5 3DP
Livability 5967087 SE10 0ER
New Beginnings NE Ltd 3086013 N/A NE3 3NA
New Prospects Association 0027248IP SME NE25 8AQ
Northern Life Care Limited (trading as ubu) 1867042 HG1 5BJ
Possabilities CIC 8837981 SME OL10 4SY
Potens 05846789 CH41 4DB
Real Life Options 2699638 WF11 0BU
Shine Care Limited 7609588 SME NE16 5XZ
St Anne's Community Services 1089026 N/A LS2 9BN
St Cuthberts Care 1645917 NE15 7PY
The Percy Hedley Foundation 1855026 NE12 8YY
Turning Point Services Ltd 2166697 E1 8AA
United Response 1133776 SW19 1NE