Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) - Supported Living Non-Contracted Spot Contracts

Awarded date: 01/06/2017

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number Postcode
Precious Homes Limited 02981404 SME N13 4TN
Hallmark Supported Living Limited 09634246 SME NN11 6YB
Vista Care Limited 06011792 GU46 7RH
Vista Care (Robyn House) N/A NN15 5EE
Ecton Brook (Maranatha Housing) N/A NN3 5HH
Maranatha Housing and Support Ltd 06926806 SME NN3 6AQ
Dobix Healthcare Ltd 11568478 SME NN4 7PA
The Royal National Institute for Deaf People 454169 SME & VCS 207720 N1 1SE
RNID Action on Hearing Loss Northdown Road N/A CT9 2QY
Complete Support Care Services Limited 11338882 SME NN3 7TJ
Complete Support Care Service N/A NN3 7TJ
HF Trust Limited 00734984 SME & VCS 313069 BS16 7FL
Legacy Supported Living Limited 10877226 SME NN15 6BL
Key2 N/A HP20 1SE
HF Trust N/A GL10 2NG
National Schizophrenic Fellowship - also known as Rethink Mental Illness 1227970 SME & VCS 271028 SE1 7TP
Lindsay House N/A NN3 2JS
Key2 Futures Limited 4878290 SME OX4 1EU
Bredon House N/A WR2 4SQ
Vogue Future Living Limited 8545144 SME NN2 8NF
Hallmark Supported living N/A SME NN5 7QN
Options Autism (6) Limited 5323908 SME B49 5JG
Glasshouse College N/A DY8 4HF
Transform Residential Limited 7275053 SME GL6 0LA
Feather-Stone Care N/A NN4 0SE
Da Vinci Court (OCS) N/A NN8 2JR
Feather-Stone Care Limited 10635654 SME NN4 0SE
Olympus Care Services Limited 7818958 SME NN3 8JH
Lumsden Support Ltd 6301232 SME NN1 3RP
Alderwood 2 Hillcrest 2 N/A NN3 2AB
Sugarman Health & Wellbeing Limited 2958051 SME EC3M 3BE
Vogue Future Living Ltd 8545144 SME NN2 8LT
Support 4 Independence n/a NN3 8PP
Alderwood L.L.A. Limited 3876881 SME NN6 0QR
Support 4 Independence Limited 6998416 SME NN3 8PP
Sugarman Health & Wellbeing N/A WD17 2DN
Vogue Future Living N/A NN2 7BN
You & Me Supported Living Limited 09981358 OX7 5PU
The Granary N/A OX7 5PU
A Little Extra Help Ltd 10349607 NN17 4AX
Heathcotes Group 5232834 SME S41 7BF
Comfort Care Services N/A SL1 6DQ
Heathcotes Limited N/A NN8 3HF
Comfort Care Services (UK) Limited 5153873 SME SL1 6DQ
Brandon Trust 2365487 SME & VCS 801571 BS34 5TA
Richmond Care Villages Holdings Limited 05105798 SME LS18 4UP
Richmond Village Northampton N/A NN4 5EB