Dynamic Provider List - Residential Care for Younger Adults

Awarded date: 12/10/2020

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number
SCOPE 0520866
United Response 1133776
iBC Quality Solutions Ltd 08001119 SME
Witham Valley Care Group SME
Advanced Caring Limited SME
Debdale Specialist Care Ltd 5220952 SME
Horizon Care SME
Clearwater Care 5084728
Craegmoor 2825572
Quality Care (EM) Ltd 4651403
Cambian Healthcare 3977299 SME N/A
Exemplar Health Care Ltd 04193835
St Andrew's Healthcare 5176998
Hesley Group 2665377
Loxley Healthcare Limited 04484936
Cabrini Care Ltd SME N/A
Rainbow of Care Ltd 09184593 SME
sun healthcare ltd 4220821
CCT Community Enablement Team 7119935 SME
Bright Intergrated ltd 08872311 SME
Runwood Homes Ltd 0731250
Integrated Care and Support 11052845 SME
Rhodsac Community Living Ltd 7894839 SME
Chartwell Care Services 8554461 SME
Jubilee Care Homes Nottm Ltd SME N/A
Kingsbury House Ltd 9060443 SME
Prime Life Ltd 2779611 N/A
Shelton Care 03066903 SME
The Oaklands SME
RoseLea Care Homes Ltd SME N/A
Brooklyn care homes ltd 6538458 SME
lime lodge care ltd 0663307 SME N/A
Valorum Care Group PLC
Landermeads 2207149 SME N/A
Cristal Care 05714286 SME
Bespoke Care and Support 11817300 SME
Choice Care 2704854
Aspire Health and Care 07120483 SME
Lime Tree Care Ltd SME
Dignus Healthcare 05940625 SME
Purico 8527170 SME
Gemini Exclusive Care 7642067 SME
CareTech Community Services Ltd
Consensus Community Support Limited 06601967 SME
Serenity Inmind limited 09139469 SME