Therapeutic services framework for children adopted and placed on special guardianship order in the AEM region

Awarded date: 08/07/2021

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number
Adoptionplus Limited 4053094 SME
Albyfield Ltd trading as Sarah Fisher Coaching 10673774 SME
Attachment Works Ltd 06911654 SME
Catharsis - Creative Arts Therapy 9500206 SME N/A
Charlotte Jaggar SME
Charnwood Arts Therapy Service Ltd 9732391 SME
Child Centered Solutions Ltd SME
Children's choice therapy service Ltd 07385210 SME N/A
Children's Sensory Therapy Ltd 10955440 SME
Chroma Therapies Ltd 08745211 SME
Chrysalis Associates 5695034 SME
Crisp and Crane Training Limited 8312994 SME N/A
Cuffe and Lacey Associates Limited 11318450 SME
Derbyshire Psychology SME
Faith in Families 0461813 SME
family focused 04849983 SME
Family Society - Adoption Focus 06869556 SME
Hannah Saxton SME
Hubs and Co 12240617 SME
Imagine Arts Therapy SME
Inspirative Arts 9517843 SME N/A
Integrate Families Limited 08674690 SME N/A
Jennifer Podd Ltd 12188320 SME
Jogo Behaviour Support 8092724 SME N/A
Lesley Simpson-Gray Psychotherapy SME
Linsey Sidebottom 08035832 SME
Lotus Therapy Ltd 11642732 SME
Mustard Seed Associates CIC 6702172 SME N/A
Playtherapy Helps SME
Psychologynow SME
Russell Dicks Psychotherapy Services SME
Safe Families for Children 08134971 SME
Sally Thompson Therapeutic Services SME
Sarah Mann Shaw Ltd 8402188 SME
St Andrew's Healthcare 5176998
The Apple Tree Centre SME
The Child Psychology Service CIC 8506066 SME
Time2shine Play Therapy Service SME
Adoption UK 326654 SME
Alan Adams TAAFA SME
Bel Graham Counselling SME
Elaine M. Spencer SME
Enabling Care 9251116 SME
GM Tree Training Ltd T/as Adoption Academy 9186819 SME
Jigsaw Psychology Ltd 06808203 SME
Naomi Stewart SME
Nature and Nurture Psychology 12305001 SME
Percuro Psychology SME
Richard Arkwright SME
Ruth Adams TAAFA SME
Sensory Learning & Play C.I.C. 9328304 SME
South London & Maudsley NHSFT SME
Step By Step Play Therapy SME
Synchrony Psychology PYL24196 SME
Transform Counselling Services C.I.C. 9471436 SME
V E Psychological Solutions Ltd 09958896 SME