005600 - NEPO Education, Health & Social Care

Awarded date: 11/12/2017

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number Postcode
Aberlour Child Care Trust SC312912 FK8 2JR
Action for Children 4764232 WD18 8AG
Action for Children Services Ltd 2332388 NE1 8XS
Appletree Treatment Cenre SME LA9 7QS
Appletree Treatment centre 3838620 SME LA9 7QS
Bryn Melyn Care Ltd 6442752 TF1 6QJ
Chaigeley Educational Foundation - marketing 3301881 SME WA4 2TE
Chaigeley Educational Foundation - Chaigeley School 3301881 SME WA4 2TE
Cruckton Hall Ltd 6952821 SME N/A SY5 8PR
Education and Services for People with Autism Ltd - Admissions Dept 2909953 SR5 3RL
Education and Services for People with Autism Ltd - ESPA College 2909953 SR5 3RL
Enhanced Young Persons Care Ltd 07330888 SME NE10 0BD
ForeverCare 08527229 SME sr2 8ew
Grove House SME N/A NE9 5AX
GUST Independent School 5264900 SME NE63 8SF
Harbour Schools Group SME NE32 5RR
Hillside School (Aberdour) Ltd SCO85951 SME KY3 0RH
ID Support 4462419 SME NE13 6DS
Kedleston Schools - business development 04627039 UB8 2FX
Kedleston Schools - commerical 5779536 UB7 0AE
Kisimul Group Ltd 3630117 LN6 9LU
Meadows Care Ltd. 05087886 SME OL12 9EN
North East Autism Society 2859620 N/A DH2 1AN
North Lakes Childrens Services 5671379 SME CA8 2AB
Nugent 222930 N/A L7 2PE
Parkside House School SME NE27 0AB
Partners in Care 4257679 SME LS5 3BT
Pathways Care Group Ltd. SME SL4 1EG
Pear Tree Projects LTD 2760566 SME DL14 6AR
Pebbles Care 3015008 KY11 7RG
Pebblescare 4854937 SME LS5 3BT
Rite Directions Ltd 6592777 SME LL34 6BA
Spark of Genius 0479758SC PA1 2BH
St Cuthberts Care - Contracts 1645917 NE15 7PY
St Cuthberts Care - Auton Newcastle 1645917 NE15 7PY
St John's Catholic School for the Deaf 529319 SME LS23 6DF
Sunderland Care and Support Ltd 08682094 SR2 9TQ
Talbot House School 3069213 SME NE15 8HW
The Huntercombe Group Ltd 03538441 SK9 1BU
Young Foundations: Howard House School 5270880 SME NE22 6BB