TVASC014/2022 Tees Valley Complex Care & Support Framework

Awarded date: 15/03/2023

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number Postcode
1st Enable Ltd 8289461 SME CH65 3EN
Avalon 2976727 VCS HG1 4DP
Community Integrated Care 2225727 WA7 6AA
Craegmoor 2825572 W14 8UD
Creative Support 27440R VCS N/A SK1 3TS
Dimensions 31192R RG7 4SA
Education and Services for People with Autism Ltd 2909953 SME SR5 3RL
Lifeways Community Care 4126127 SE1 0AS
Northern Life Care Limited (trading as ubu) 1867042 HG1 5BJ
Pathways Care & Recruitment Limited 06949025 SME TS6 6TD
Positive Individual Proactive Support limited 9198035 SME TS9 5JZ
Positive Support For You CIC 07097628 SME TS3 9NB
Real Life Options 2699638 WF11 0BU
Royal Mencap Society 0550457 EC1Y 0RT
Saint John of God Hospitaller Services 05324279 DL1 1RW
Salutem LD BidCo IV Limited, trading as Ambito Care and Education 10988939 SL4 1EG
St Anne's Community Services 1089026 VCS N/A LS2 9BN
United Response 1133776 CR0 6SR
YS Services trading as Embracing Care DH7 6JS