NEPO514 Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for External Training Provision

Awarded date: 31/01/2019

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number Postcode
CQM Learning Ltd 5970493 SME S11 8YZ
Leeder Safeguarding Training & Consultancy 12184645 SME N/A HD8 8YD
TAG Commercial Training Ltd 12746193 SME S20 3FR
T-ASC (Training, Advice, Solutions, Consultancy) SME DH1 5ZG
Nichol Associates Limited 05101702 SME N/A NE31 2EQ
BTB Training Ltd 9473420 SME OX16 0DP
Pro-Noctis 08898014 SME NG24 2TN
Pattinson & Milburn Training Ltd 7255575 SME N/A DL5 6DX
The Goalgetter Organisation Ltd 6818830 SME HG3 2QL
My Training Academy Ltd 09058012 SME EN6 5BS
Me Learning 5842638 SME HP180DS
Argus Europe Limited 03498745 SME TS27 4SU
Virtual College Ltd 3052439 SME LS29 8DD
College Green Group Ltd 12270590 SME SW1H 0HW
Constellation Solutions Limited 13341228 SME BN1 6AF
Crisis Prevention Institute FC027405 SME M33 3SD
Julie Scanlon Consultancy Ltd SME NE65NS
Kafico Ltd 10313938 SME BN1 3PB
EMT Medical 10805745 SME DL17 8DQ
Cath Brown Consultancy SME NE29 9PB
Fast Lane Consultancy and Education Services Limited 05111186 SME SL7 1PB
Acas NE1 8QH
Acton Chase Associate 10611574 SME S75 3FL
Altair Ltd 7463003 SME SE16 4SA
Amacus Limited 4833650 SME TS24 7ET
Area North Training & Safety Services Limited - Health & Safety Training 4395241 SME NE11 0JS
Area North Training & Safety Services Limited - Business Development 4395241 SME NE11 0JS
Artistry in Leadership SME DH1 1TW
Aspect Training Ltd 4009369 SME s12 4lb
Aware Plus Ltd 6597589 SME NE12 9PH
B2B North SME NE66 1LS
Besafe Training Limited 09603045 SME NE21 5NJ
Bespoke Professional Development and Training Limited 09016102 SME TS9 5DN
Blossom Social Care Training SME BD12 9LU
blue concept training SME DG16 5HQ
Bond Solon - Training 2271977 SME E1 8QS
Bond Solon - Training 2271977 SME E1 8QS
Bridget Rothwell Consultancy SME G61 3BY
Busy Bees Training Academy 3026494 WS14 0SB
C2C Training Ltd 08649860 SME DE1 2BU
CALM Training 0334033SC SME FK11 7BU
CB Learning & Development 7717376 SME NE2 2ES
CC2i Ltd 10239373 SME SO32 1AD
CEL&T Training and Development Ltd 10659796 SME NE42 6AY
Celia Harbottle: Education, Training and Consultancy SME NE61 2TY
CMS Training Ltd 4926056 SME GU15 3YX
Consult Yo Ltd 9233343 SME LA1 5PB
Cool Blue Consultancy Ltd 08943087 SME N/A DH8 5HL
CoramBAAF 9697712 SME WC1N 1AZ
Cosensa Learning & Development SC295938 SME G2 4HG
DAC Beachcroft LLP OC317852 EC4N 8AF
Dawn Parkin Solutions Limited 7088943 SME NE16 5SJ
DDH Psychological Solutions Limited 07707334 SME NE9 7RU
Develop Training 6115331 SME DE24 8GW
Diamond Resuscitation Services UK Limited 9807572 SME WV6 7JA
Eliesha Training Ltd 4161029 SME NE4 7YB
ELN Limited 9746917 SME EC2A 4NE
Emily Sweetman Limited 7718286 SME NE4 9UQ
English Unlocked SME NE3 3BS
Ergoway Ltd 9075515 SME CA8 9EG
Expedient Training Services 4561629 SME NE32 3HH
Fane Ltd 5525440 SME Dh8 6bp
Firebrand Training 4097204 SME WC1N 3AX
First Contact Clinical 5834392 SME NE33 1RF
First Response Training & Consultancy Services Ltd 4491330 SME WR10 1AA
Fox & Associates Consulting Ltd 6952954 SME CA13 9NQ
Franks Portlock Consulting Ltd 6023534 SME SR5 3HD
G M Training SME NE10 0JP
Gangsline Limited 8221237 SME DA2 6QD
Gateshead college NE8 3BE
Geon Training Solutions Ltd - Operations 09838273 SME NE11 0JQ
Geon Training Solutions Ltd - AEB Opportunities 09838273 SME NE11 0JQ
Group Horizon - Adult Training 6591612 SME NE11 0NJ
Group Horizon - Head Office 6591612 SME NE11 0NJ
H B Training Services Ltd 6078329 SME N/A NE11 9LB
HSF Training Ltd 5747985 SME SR5 2AL
Imageframe Ltd 6317579 SME RG1 2EG
Impeller Assurance and Resilience Ltd 9341418 SME SR5 3QY
In-trac Training & Consultancy Ltd 6278545 SME GU27 2YP
ioda Limited 3352708 SME LS24 9BX
IT Training Solutions Ltd 3855415 SME DH6 5AU
ITS Group 04274770 SME S70 2EG
Julie Archer Trainer & Consultant Ltd 8058965 SME N/A HX2 7JT
JW Safety Training Service Ltd 06985127 SME NE5 1SL
Lawlah Group SME RH12 4DB
LCN Independent Assessment and Training Ltd 10351683 SME DL15 0UZ
Lokman Training Ltd 08028085 SME SR8 2QJ
Mark Stephen Crabtree Consulting SME NE16 5TF
Matobo Ltd 07904860 SME S3 8BW
Mayvin 7460957 SME BN3 1TL
MBKB Training and Development 07349835 SME N/A DY1 1JJ
McKechnies Limited 2152652 SME NE30 4BL
MCQ Training Limited 11792878 SME NE8 3HU
Melissa Roberts Limited 7212605 SME NE4 9DU
MGL Demolition Ltd 1051184 SME DH1 2RS
Mindful Therapies 8568633 SME N/A NE1 6UF
Mindfulness in Schools Project 07038233 SME TN9 1BL
Mines Rescue Service Limited 3147253 SME NG19 9AQ
Mosaic Partners Ltd 10440663 SME NE1 3NG
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) 216401 NE2 1RH
New Level Results Limited 09011028 SME YO19 6ED
NobleProg (UK) Ltd 7511003 SME EX23 0LX
North east Ambulance Service NE15 8NY
North East Autism Society 2859620 N/A DH2 1AN
north east change centre (necc) SME ne26 2ba
North Tees Training Ltd 11604626 SME TS23 1DD
Northern Safety Ltd 03999645 SME TS17 9LY
Northern Skills Group 02088545 TS21AD
Northumberland Business Service Limited 4121893 SME NE63 8AP
Northumbria University Business and Enterprise NE2 1XE
Opus Pharmacy Services 5128360 SME GU16 7ER
Peak Performance Partnership Ltd 08543024 SME NE35 9PF
Pearlcatchers Ltd 4365830 SME SL4 4LE
Premier Partnership 5997338 SME DN4 5NL
Prima Consultancy SME S72 8TB
Project North East 1715761 SME NE1 5DW
Psyecology Limited 11467111 SME NE65 9DS
QA 2413137 SL1 1SG
Respect 7582438 SME EC2A 4LT
Spectrum Safeguarding LTD 11969872 SME BH8 8QS
Stainsby Education Solutions SME SR7 7WE
Sunderland Counselling Services 3315039 SME N/A SR1 1QN
Syed & Quinn Ltd 4020348 SME IP27 0QZ
Synergie Training 0361624SC SME IV2 7PA
Talking Life Ltd 2472954 SME CH47 3BW
Taye Training and Consultancy 10556912 SME LS7 3NF
Telford safety consultants Ltd 10501570 SME NE214EW
The Experience Corporation Limited 11580842 SME N/A ME7 2EJ
The Inclusion Initiative Ltd 11429774 SME SM5 2NB
The Knowledge Academy 6865896 RG12 1HL
The Solutions Focus 3963904 SME AL1 4NG
The Training Initiative 10766424 SME B79 7HL
The Work Place 6420612 SME DL5 6AH
Tracy Barlow SME N/A S21 1SH
TrainbaseLTD 10218309 SME NE22 6AZ
Training in Childcare Ltd 7686121 SME NE34 9UG
TRN (Train) Ltd 4170619 SME NE11 0EF
Tyne & Wear LGV 3352656 SME NE10 0EX
Tyneside Mind 7552434 SME NE8 4QL
UKP Training 12309495 SME MK13 9HG
University Centre Quayside Limited 3413741 SME NE6 1LL
University of Cumbria 6033238 CA1 2HH
Vortex Education Solutions Ltd SME NE33 1SA
Warren Access 7281233 SME NE23 1WL
Washington Mind 1156010 SME N/A NE38 7LP
Well Handled Ltd 6911715 SME NE61 5HB
Winnovation Ltd - Training 6862920 SME NE24 2BA
Winnovation Ltd - Training 6862920 SME NE24 2BA
Wright Coach & Development 7468393 SME N/A NE11 9HB
Xenonex Ltd 6722946 SME LS10 1RW
Your Health and Safety Company SME ne302df