NEPO602 Education, Health and Social Care - Interim Contract (P-007774/C-012151)

Awarded date: 26/07/2022

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number Postcode
Acorn Education and Care Services Ltd 07027492 BL1 4AG
Ashdown Care Homes Ltd 0779830 SME NE20 9QS
Clearwater Care 5084728 SL4 1EG
Education and Services for People with Autism Ltd - ESPA College 2909953 SR5 3RL
Education and Services for People with Autism Ltd - Central 2909953 SR5 3RL
Evolution Children Services 6508335 SME NE2 2AA
Grove House SME N/A NE9 5AX
GUST Independent School 5264900 SME NE63 8SF
Haskel School SME NE8 4DR
Hennessy Children Services 8774746 SME DH3 4AN
Hillside School (Aberdour) Ltd SCO85951 SME KY3 0RH
Huntercombe Group Manco Limited 12883784 KT8 9AY
ID Support 4462419 SME NE13 6DS
Kedleston Schools 04627039 UB8 2FX
North East Autism Society 2859620 VCS N/A DH2 1AN
North East Specialist Therapeutic Services CIC 8235190 SME TS25 5RE
One step care limited 039115715 SME DH3 1RU
Options Autism Services Ltd 08662612 BL1 4AG
Pear Tree Projects LTD 2760566 SME DL14 6AR
ROC Family Support Ltd 04246122 SME DL5 7ER
Salutem LD BidCo IV Limited, trading as Ambito Care and Education 10988939 SL4 1EG
St Cuthberts Care 1645917 NE15 7PY
Talbot House School 3069213 SME NE15 8HW
The Percy Hedley Foundation 1855026 NE12 8YY