NEPO603 Tyne-Tees Independent Foster Care Services (P-007466/C-012130)

Awarded date: 21/06/2022

Awarded supplier(s)

Company name Company reg number SME/VCS VCS reg number Postcode
Acorn House Fostering Services Ltd 6437368 SME OL8 3QL
Active Care Solutions Limited 07991539 SME B60 4AD
Banya Family Placement Ltd 3161115 SME SE24 9DA
barnardo's 0061625 IG6 1QG
Compass Community Limited 08017562 LE7 1PF
Evolve Fostering SC448211 SME DL3 7DR
Five Rivers Child Care Limited 4236028 SP1 3UT
Foster Care Associates 04322806 N/A B60 4AD
Foster Care Solutions 7187214 SME DH2 1AN
Fostering People Ltd 4241833 SME N/A NG2 7QW
Phoenix Community Care Ltd 3798480 SME N17 8AA
Reach Out Care 3816191 SME & VCS BL1 4AG
St Cuthberts Care 1645917 NE15 7PY
Swiis International Limited 03985713 SME BS1 4PS
Team Fostering 04141990 SME NE29 7ST
The Adolescent and Children's Trust 2779751 SME SE13 6TJ
The Children's Family Trust 0398875 SME B60 4DJ
the fostering company 8297567 SME NE12 5UJ
Unity Foster Care 9702053 SME LS15 8GB