TitleBuyerExpression StartExpression EndEstimated value
Encompass DPSAccent Housing04/01/202202/01/2032N/A
DPS For Repairs and Maintenance, Voids, Managing Contractor & Pension ServicesAccent Housing27/09/202126/10/2026N/A
NCC1036 East Ord (Berwick) GroundworksAdvance Northumberland Limited17/11/202215/12/2022N/A
NCC1034 East Ord Roads & SewersAdvance Northumberland Limited26/10/202201/12/2022£1,347,075.10
NCC1024 Ellington LO Brickwork, Roofing, Scaffolding & Gas Membrane and ScreedAdvance Northumberland Limited11/11/202202/12/2022£2,242,043.63
NCC1033 - Ellington Phase 3 & 4 Driven Piling WorksAdvance Northumberland Limited14/11/202228/11/2022N/A
DPS for Energy Efficiency & Decarbonisation Retrofit Works, Services & SuppliesAdvantage South West29/07/202201/10/2032N/A
Roofing Repair and Replacement and associated servicesAdvantage South West03/06/202031/10/2030N/A
Window Cleaning & Guttering Cleaning DPSAdvantage South West06/02/201728/02/2027N/A
Cleaning Dynamic Purchasing SystemAdvantage South West06/02/201731/03/2027N/A