TitleBuyerExpression StartExpression EndEstimated value
EHRC 1718-58 Socio-Economic Duty Research – ScotlandEquality and Human Rights Commission08/11/201724/11/2017N/A
EHRC 1718-15 Equality Resources for the Advice SectorEquality and Human Rights Commission14/11/201705/12/2017£175,000.00
EHRC 1718-55 Research into the representation of equality groups in elected officeEquality and Human Rights Commission13/11/201705/12/2017£60,000.00
EHRC 1718-60 Positive Action and apprenticeshipsEquality and Human Rights Commission21/11/201705/12/2017£9,800.00
EHRC 1718-38 Asylum Seekers’ experiences of accessing health servicesEquality and Human Rights Commission15/11/201706/12/2017£60,000.00
EHRC 1718-59 Civil society capacity building and reporting: CEDAWEquality and Human Rights Commission16/11/201707/12/2017£50,000.00
EHRC 1718-56 Enhancing the status of UN treaty right in domestic settings (Lot 1) The Rights of the Child in Wales (Lot 2)Equality and Human Rights Commission16/11/201707/12/2017£50,000.00
EHRC 1718-44 Creating and communicating the story of the Equality and Human Rights CommissionEquality and Human Rights Commission21/11/201712/12/2017£30,000.00
EHRC 1718-66 Evaluation of the impact of the Identifying and Tackling Discrimination course 2011-2017Equality and Human Rights Commission21/11/201714/12/2017£9,800.00