TitleBuyerExpression StartExpression EndEstimated value
CSI/ASC/Open Framework for the Provision of `Help When You Need It` Support Services for people living in Registered Social Landlord Sheltered Housing Schemes (Open Framework - Help when you need it services for older people in Sheltered Housing)Bristol City Council06/11/201931/03/2023£2,953,206.00
CSI-CYP-The provision of an open framework of therapy providers for children and young people who are subject to a special guardianship orderBristol City Council13/01/201931/03/2022£250,000.00
Fire Safety Works - Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)Bristol City Council13/03/202030/04/2024N/A
CSI-CYP-Enhanced Provision Childminding Service - Approved Provider ListBristol City Council16/11/202031/03/2026N/A
DPS for the Provision of Conversion, Refurbishment and Specialist Minor WorksBristol City Council01/04/202031/05/2023N/A
CSI-PH-NHS Health Checks - Approved Supplier List (NHS Health Checks - Approved Supplier List)Bristol City Council22/04/202031/03/2025N/A
BSH/HRA/Framework for the Installation of New Internal and External Domestic Lifts for Disabled Children and Adults 2021-2024Bristol City Council07/05/202111/06/2021N/A
We Work for Everyone - Approved Provider ListBristol City Council30/04/202131/12/2023N/A
CSI-PH-Residential Rehabilitation Open FrameworkBristol City Council18/07/201730/11/2022£6,120,000.00
CSI-CYP-Dynamic Purchasing System for High Support Accommodation For Young People (Dynamic Purchasing System for High Support Accommodation For Young People)Bristol City Council13/04/201718/06/2022N/A