TitleBuyerExpression StartExpression EndEstimated value
Assessment and Enablement Units PilotSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council08/06/201826/06/2018£50,000.00
Dynamic Purchasing System for Section 12 DoctorsSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council01/06/201819/06/2022N/A
Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Accommodation and Support for Care LeaversSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council27/12/201729/02/2024N/A
Provision of an Intelligence Hub: CCTV Upgrade ServicesSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council15/06/201830/07/2018N/A
Public Convenience Repairs & MaintenanceSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council21/06/201823/07/2018N/A
SBC Prj 1544 - Seabrook College DemolitionSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council05/06/201828/06/2018N/A
SBC Prj 1563 Quantity Surveyor Services for Forum 2Southend-on-Sea Borough Council24/05/201825/06/2018N/A
SBC Prj 1583 Roofing and Guttering at The Palace Theatre (SBC Prj 1583 Roofing and Rainwater Pipes at The Palace Theatre)Southend-on-Sea Borough Council29/05/201826/06/2018N/A
SBC Prj 1585 Palace Theatre Foyer Air Handing Unit ReplacementSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council06/06/201827/06/2018N/A
SBC Prj 1589 - Our Lady of Ransom Boiler ReplacementSouthend-on-Sea Borough Council21/06/201812/07/2018N/A